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Paint Colors to Reduce Stress

In this hectic, modern world coming home to a relaxing space has become even moreimportant. Creating a space which allows you and your family to renew their energy in a calm,peaceful environment is easier than you might think. The design colors you choose do morethan anything else to create the atmosphere you want, and nothing is easier to change thanyour paint colors.Here are 5 paint colors that reduce stress:

1. Blue – Blue is often used in bedrooms and is shown to reduce tension.

2. Violet – Not the vibrant purple, but subtle lavender hues can bring an inner balance andsense of peace.

3. Green – Reflecting the natural environment of the outdoors, green is visually soothingand refreshing.

4. Grey – One of the best new neutrals, a cooling grey shade is easy on the eye and createsthe illusion of larger space.

5. Pink – Long hailed by Feng Shui experts as an energy color, pink provides a lovelybackdrop for a bright space.

Our homes serve as the center of our personal lives. With our busy schedules, coming homeshould be relaxing and regenerating. Changing the feel of our homes is as simple as a weekendpainting project.

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